volte slagen...

. . . produces films and moving image-based art. Our films range from genre to documentary, fiction to experimental, from feature to short movie.

. . . is driven by the impulse to create inspiring work. We invest in films when a story is particularly well written and directed, when it makes us see the world differently, or when it challenges the language of film. We strongly believe in the directors and artists we work with. And we better - as we need very good reasons to convince our many partners to invest in them. Currently most of our directors happen to be female. Not because of quota, but because they create excellent work.

. . . is dedicated to the complex process of making films together. In constant exchange with our partners – funding bodies, distributors, broadcasters and co-producers – we strive to find the best strategy for each film. We want to know exactly what our partners are looking for or need in each stage, and make sure to deliver. For every project, we build a team of German and international film professionals.

. . . also offers post-production services. We have a well equipped sound and image post-production studio. For every project, we build a team of German and international film professionals working with highly skilled specialists such as Unai Rosende (post-production coordination and color grading), Jorge Piquer Rodriguez (color grading), Gabor Ripli (sound design and premix), Mikaël Barre (mix), Jochen Jezussek (sound design and premix), and many more. 

. . . is a collaboration between Michel Balagué and Koen Claerhout with offices in Berlin. Coming from France and Belgium, Michel and Koen met 2005 in Berlin where they started to work together on several art and film projects. 2017 they decided to team up as VOLTE SLAGEN. Michel and Koen have been founding members and contributors of initiatives such as LaborBerlin e.V. and Cimatheque Cairo.