In Loving Memory of the Future / Laurence Favre


in loving memory of the future / laurence favre

short, 8 min, 2018

Archive footage of a weekend among friends at the beach intertwines with the testimony about memories that are fading away: the rock group, the beginnings of the hippie movement, a feeling of carelessness and freedom in the United States in the 1950s. The now aged protagonists share their memories and reflections on a distant youth that some feel is still present. But where do those images really come from?


World premiere at Locarno Film Festival 2018


Written and directed by: Laurence Favre
Production: Virgule Films, Volte Slagen
Producer: Laurence Favre, Michel Balagué  
Cinematography: Laurence Favre    
Editing: Laurence Favre        
Sound Design: Philippe Ciompi, Gabor Ripli 
Rerecording Sound Mix: Philippe Ciompi      
Art Direction: Greg Clément  
Costumes: Clarissa Zoellner 


Film format: Super 8 transfered to DCP
Aspect ratio: 1:1,33
Colours: color
Sound: surround 5:1