The Trouble with Palms (WT) / Filipa César

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The Trouble with Palms (WT) / Filipa César

experimental documentary, feature length

The Trouble with Palms is an experimental documentary, starting from the colonial ruins of a German palm oil and arsenal factory in the West African Island of Bubaque.

Bubaque is an island in the Bijagos Archipelago in Guinea Bissau, once controlled by Germany. Around World War I, a palm oil factory, fully equipped with KRUPP machinery, was built there to support the German warfare industry, and only ceased to operate at the end of the 1970’s. Today, the factory ruins are the infrastructure not only for the village but also for shared memory, and potential evidence for justice to come. The palm tree will be the material medium for this cinematic journey, invoked through its various political, economic, semantic and symbolic possibilities. 

Written and Directed by: Filipa César
Production: VOLTE SLAGEN (DE), Sprectre (FR), Stenar Projects (PT)
Funding: CNAP(FR), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (DE)