Besides producing films, VOLTE SLAGEN also offers tailor-made post-production services



Our Color Grading Suite has Full HD projection and a calibrated monitor; a cutting edge computer to grade up to 4K with the DaVinci Resolve system; a Stereo Sound and comfortable seats, enabling you to focus only on the image. 

Furthermore, we provide Primary VFX and compositing, creative retouch, image improvement such as denoise, upscale and stabilization.


Our Sound Design & PreMix Studio is equipped with Pro Tools HD and a 5.1 nearfield monitoring system. Furthermore, we can provide additional recordings with Sennheiser mkh 50 and mkh 30 microphones, simple Foley and post synchro as well as music premix.


We create the different deliverables you need for your project, such as Digital Cinema Projection (DCP), TV delivery, BluRay and compressed files for internet and streaming platforms.

Film Music,

To cover all aspects of the finalization of your film, we collaborate with a pool of talented artists and technicians.

We are working with different film music composers; translators specialized in subtitling and spotting, and graphic designers and artists that can create your opening and closing credits.


To ensure a smooth workflow, every project we work on gets one experienced project manager who coordinates the post-production process. Whether you only need support for a couple of things, or you wish our support for the entire post-production, from the editing until the final delivery, including color grading, VFX, sound design, mix, subtitles, credits and mastering.



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